Revolutionizing Data Center Storage

The Mazda Computing JBOD1U32NIS Intel Ruler Storage System provides an innovative solution to address key storage challenges around capacity and performance. Featuring the revolutionary “ruler” form factor for Intel® SDDs, the Ruler Storage System is designed to offer unparalleled density, powerful system performance, and compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) for today’s most demanding storage scenarios.

Unparalleled Density

Pack 256 TB in a 1U server at launch and 1 petabyte in 1U in the near future.

Powerful Performance

Maximize system level performance with up to 32 ruler form factor Intel® SSDs in a single 1U system.

Reduce TCO

Lower CapEx by up to 3x, achieve 6x rack consolidation and reduce SSD power consumption by up to 2.25x compared with a standard 2U server.

Simplified Deployment

Available as an integrated system, with the option to select the ruler quantity and capacity to meet your unique workload needs.

An SSD Revolution. New “Ruler” Form Factor for Intel® SSDs

Designed from the ground up to optimize rack efficiency, the new ruler form factor delivers unparalleled space-efficient capacity, operationally-efficient design and scalable manageability.

  • Storage density-optimized design delivers higher per drive and per server capacity
  • Up to 55% more thermally efficient than 15mm U.2
  • Front loading and hot-swappable to simplify manageability and serviceability