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Mazda Computing Thunder 6-RM

Supermicro Broadwell Rackmount 4U Server

The Thunder 6-RM is a 4U Rackmount Server with support for Dual GPU’s, 2TB of Memory, and 8 x 3.5″ Hot-Swap Drives.

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Promise VSky S410

The Promise VSky s410 4U Server Appliance is optimized for Storage Intensive workloads with 402TB of Storage.

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Promise VSky s200

The Promise VSky s200 2U Server Appliance is optimized for Storage Intensive workloads utilizing Intel Xeon Processors.

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Promise VSky i200 4 Node

The Promise VSky i200 2U 4 Node Server Appliance is optimized for Compute/ Storage (Balanced) workloads with 6TB of SAS Storage per node.

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Promise VSky i100

The Promise VSky i100 1U Server Appliance is optimized for Compute/Storage (Balanced) workloads utilizing Intel Xeon Processors.

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We Design and Build Reliable Infrastructures

• Secure, high-performance networks

• Scalable, reliable & scalable system clusters

• Reliable elastic systems – cloud-based or private

• Cost-effective colo-based physical infrastructures

Why Choose Mazda Computing?

You should choose Mazda Computing to design, build, deploy or support your infrastructure not just because it will be better, cheaper, and faster that way. You should choose Mazda Computing Engineering not because we have a team of people with decades of experience in designing and deploying infrastructures of all sizes, technologies, and complexities. You should choose Mazda Computing Support not just because we have distributed, redundant monitoring and reporting systems honed by experience with tens of thousands of faults and critical incidents in every circumstance imaginable. Nor because we have trained system administrators and engineers on-call every day and every night, armed with skill and experience in making sure problems go away as fast as humanly possible.

Even though all of that is true, the reason you should choose Mazda Computing is because we have been focused on exactly this area since 1997. By choosing us to focus on building and supporting YOUR infrastructure, YOU and your organization will be able to focus on product innovation, delivery, and YOUR value proposition.

Optimizing YOUR value proposition is why you should choose Mazda Computing to design, deploy or support your infrastructure.


• Network Design

• Network Expansion

• Linux Server Configuration

• Windows Server Configuration

• Solaris Server Configuration

• Colo Selection

• Cage Design

• Power Planning

• Cage Move Planning

• Vendor Selection


• Cloud Migration

• Network & Server Racking

• Structured Cabling

• Network Configuration

• Linux Server Configuration

• Windows & Sun Configuration

• Capacity Expansion

• Colo Build-out and Moves

• Cage & Cable Clean-up

• System Inventory


• Internal Monitoring

• External Monitoring

• 724 Pager Support

• System Administration

• On-Going Maintenance

• Configuration Management

• Disaster Recovery

• Reliability Metrics

• Reliability Improvement

• On-Site Support

Reliable Infrastructures Deployed in Colos or Clouds

Mazda Commputing engineers are trained, experienced and focused on one job: building reliable infrastructures for websites and web-based services. Our clients develop application software, so we don’t do that. We DO plan, design, deploy and configure networks and server farms that provide high-reliability, cost-effective platforms for your application or site.

We know Cisco, Foundry, Big IP (F5) and other networking equipment. We do Linux of all flavors as well as Solaris and Windows. Starting from scratch, we can use our template library and expertise to quickly develop a network architecture that maximizes YOUR site’s performance. Incorporating failover, load-balancing and redundancy is always part of the package.

We can help you select hardware and vendors to balance your specific need to manage cost, reliability, time-to-market and performance. We are not a VAR, colo, or reseller, so we can provide fact-based, unbiased evaluations based on our experience and your needs.

When you have an application that is ready for a turn-key build for launch, need to add additional capacity, eliminate failure elements or all of the above, we can help.

Let Mazda Computing worry about the infrastructure so you can focus on your software!

24x7 Support Designed for Startups and Web Services

Mazda Computing has developed a 24×7 Support model that provides start-ups with around-the-clock system support at a fraction of the cost of an in-house model. And, since we can implement 24×7 Support in a matter of days, you can have very robust 24×7 Support in place FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER than doing it yourself.

For a fixed monthly cost, we monitor your site from our multiple monitoring nodes, as well as from an available monitoring node INSIDE your firewall. Based on those checks, warnings and alerts are generated, then sent to our pager-support team, our alert-management/ticket system, our management team and anyone on your team who wants to be notified. Upon receipt of a page, a US-based system administrator acknowledges, verifies and attempts to correct the problem following run-book instructions in a dedicated OpsWiki we set up for you. If the problem cannot be quickly resolved, the issue is escalated per agreed process.

All of our system monitoring is automated, using Nagios and other tools. All system events, warnings, alerts and tickets are managed in a secure, client-accessible ticketing system. Our monitoring, paging, ticket tracking and reporting systems are integrated and web-accessible.

Let Mazda Computing support your infrastructure so you can support your customers!